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Jason, I love your song "Word Map" :-) I am dancing at home like never before with this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G music !!! I can listen to it over and over again and it feels great !!! I feel grateful to your talent !!! Congrats and God bless you more! You are a great artist!!! ~~~Juan
Saw Jason at Canton Palace on November 30th. Heard about him in the Akron Beacon Journal. What a great show; such talent. Our daughter was on stage (she was #6 of the 12 days of Christmas). She loved the show; she's taking piano and voice lessons so it was great for her to see the fun side of entertainment. Thank you for a great fun family evening. Dana, Bryan, and Michelle
Thank you for a wonderful evening in Canton last night. Watching / listening to you play the piano is awesome. You've got a new fan!
Jason, This is a thank you note. Please excuse the delay. Even though it has taken some time to write, your kindness did not go unnoticed. We sincerely appreciated your music and for taking time from your schedule to share your amazing creativity with the residents at Missouri River Medical Center in Fort Benton. We purchased your CD at the show that night and play them regularly for the residents to enjoy. You are blessed with remarkable talent and we appreciated your entertaining energies. Thank you so much and hope to see you again. We wish you success in the future. Ann Koch, MRMC Activities director.
Hi, I discovered you with the rdio app on iPhone. I love your music. Perfect for working, eating, relaxing, talking, thinking. I am now a fan!!!
i really enjoyed the music u played at the holland theatre in bellefontaine ohio. thank you for coming and sharing ur music. my husband and myself loved it.
Awesome concert at Fort Benton!
Jason - you challenged us to come up with a name for the new song you played. For what it's worth I couldn't help but imagine "A Butterfly's Progress" as you played. Curious to hear what you settle on in time - lovely piece. Cheers - enjoyed the concert in Fort Benton immensely. Keith
Jason, just wanted to thank you for the great performances you gave us in Libby this past Friday. Visiting the schools is such a positive thing especially in a community where there is very little funding for music and the arts. Listening and laughing with you Friday evening was a very pleasant way to spend a cold Montana night. Thanks again, Jennifer
I am listening to your Christmas album..just got in the mail about five minutes ago! The best addition I have made to my Christmas music in years. Thanks.
Once again, you were wonderful in giving us the most creative, fun, and gifted Christmas concert ever. I loved turning the pages of nothing, and then wearing the sombrero and playing the maracas. The topper was performing the seven swans a swimming. So much fun. You are gracious, warm, humble and talented. God bless you, your family, and your career.
Hello Jason, I'm a master student in documentary film at Ryerson University in Toronto. I have purchased your beautiful score Dream of a Baby and used in my thesis film, interestingly, about Muslim women. It had just the right tone for the film. But using a published music is a challenge when you want to match with the video footage at the right timing, length and development. I am wondering if you would be able to customize this score to fit the film. It is a student film, but I have received a little grant so that I can pay you. If you're interested, please let me know. I am still editing, but I will send you a vimeo link with your score to show how it looks and sounds like now. I have been told by industry experts that the film will travel well in the festival circuit. Cheers, Kyoko
Way back when I got to record on this song of yours: "...and in the end, what was it all. I'm writing this letter on tainted paper...". I'm writing this letter on "pixel paper". Thank you for changing my life just by inviting me to the studio. I've accessed my own music because we met, though now, I'd rather have a copy of that song of yours. I'll save up for your albums and hopefully one of your upcoming shows. So many people want perfect pitch, even if you have that, you have perfect talent. Check out World Classic Rockers if they audition for totally new members.
Long time no see my teacher. Jason Send to my email
Great to meet you (Jason) at the LBS company Holiday party! I love working with Lisa! Looking forward to getting your new Christmas album.
I heard of you about a year ago (a friend of yours by the name Kaserman mentioned you), but I never thought of looking you up. Now... I really enjoy listening to your music. It's amazing!
I already have your "Kimono" cd and have placed this recent order as a gift for a friend. My friend and I saw Mr. Kubota's kimono exhibit at the Canton, Ohio art museum and were in awe of his work. I purchased your cd there for myself after reading that it was inspired by his work. I listened to it that night with my eyes closed and felt that I was again being taken away by his works. In fact, my entire family loved it. I am so happy that you share your musical gift, thank you! I would greatly appreciate updates on concerts that you perform in my area. I look forward also to hearing some of your other cd's.
Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing more.
Hi Jason! It's me Lauren, Lori's daughter! Can't wait for our next lesson!
Wow! So enjoyed your performance at the Cultural Center. John was blown away by your Special Times CD. We're wearing it our from playing it so much.. so incredibly soothing and relaxing.. You are an incredibly gifted musician-- thank you for sharing your gift in such an amazing way. PS My 5th graders can't wait to hear your Kimono CD.. Many of them have been to the exhibit..
Excellent, I truly enjoyed your cover piece.
Jason. Congratulaciones por todos sus exitos y por sus nuevas inspiraciones en la musica. Felicidades.Silverio
Your Music Is great !! Can't wait for more !
hola jason como estas espero y te acuerdes de mi tocabamos la guitarra pera la iglesia la trinidad con el pastor allende
I just got home from vacation and was going through my e-mails. Your promo was great, thanks for sharing. Kathy was so cute on her comments, she has such a heart for you and your music. What a great mother in law you have. Jamie Voican I have forwarded your video to Michele and Mr. Lucas.
Jason: Great concert last Saturday night in Canton! Linda and I especially enjoyed the Latin songs, for obvious reasons.
Great concert! The music carried me away - so much emotion and depth. Great talent! I hope to hear more and more from Jason.
We LOVED your performance at the Canton Cultural Center! You make music worth listening to. Tia especially like the new songs and was dancing in her seat. She now wants to learn how to play the piano just like "Daddy's Friend". Good Luck and can't wait to hear more from you!
I have a 1 and 3 year old and I enjoy playing your Serene CD to them. It provides us a soothing and relaxing time especially after a couple of hours of chasing after 2 toddlers :-).
What a fantastic performance you put on at the Canton Cutural Center on October 4. I could have sat and listened for another 2-3 hours. Your new CD 'Sevene' is great and I listen to it all the time while driving in the car. I can't wait to hear your new songs in the future. What a talented guy!
Jason. Por favor disculpame por no poder estar en su concierto el sabado,pero me toco trabajar el viernes por la tarde y sabado tambien.pero yo estoy muy feliz por todos sus exitos,siempre miro su pagina y me siento muy orgulloso de usted pues con al gunos de mis amigos les comento que usted fue mi maestro de Ingles. Le deseo que Dios le de muchas mas bendiciones igual que a su familia. Hasta pronto Silverio Mejia
We have some of your groovy CDs which we love...and we were pleasantly suprised at how truly awesome your music sounds live and what a great show you put on!!! We can't wait to hear more! You rock!
I love Jason Farnham's music. The depth and beauty is awe-inspiring. Some songs are so beautiful they make me weep with joy!
Jason - The taping in Canton on Saturday was wonderful! Your music continues to be inspiring and uplifting. (you tell pretty good jokes too : ) God bless you. Betty
We loved your performance at the Cultural Center on Saturday evening; you are an amazing and talented composer and performer. We also enjoyed your interaction with the audience, it was so much fun. We hope you enjoy continued success, and keep writing all those beautiful songs!! Camille & John
Jason plays acoustic piano, and electric. He uses guest musicians and rhythm tracks. His original music is inspiring and both new age --- and this age. And he talks betweens numbers and makes you feel a part of the whole experience. A great and gracious artist
Thanks for a delightful evening of firstclass entertainment this past Sat. at The Canton Cultural Center. You are truly a gifted performer and composer and have a unique that is appealing to ALL age levels! We enjoyed your duets with special guest, flutist Diane Williams (another bright shining star!), and are hoping that you 'll make a CD together sometime in the near future! Keep up the good work! Our best wishes, Nick & Jacquie Buch Canton, OH
Hi Jason, The October 4th concert in Canton was magical. Thank you for your music. Also for introducing us to Dianne Williams and Randy Kaserman!! What a show you put on for a very pleased audience. BTW, Latin I is a good choice for a title! Peace, Margaret
Hey - it's me!!! Just thought I'd say hi and see how you guys are doing. Saw your CD in Border's - awesome!!!! Drop me a line, or email. Hope you guys are doing well. Congrats on your success. Darla
cool!!! I wanna see you & Lisa... Whe you are free, Call me, pls!!!
Hey Jason, it's Mikey from Kristi's grad party, I should have gotten on here sooner. The new album is absolutely amazing and my girl and I will hopefully make it up to L.A. this coming Friday to see you play...
Hı, It's me Mr. ACAR from TURKEY. I say you; " just be yourself " Thanks, Mehmet Acar
Here's my home address Jason, I was telling my wife some of the stories about you and I when we were in school. shoot me an e-mail when ever you get a chance and we may be able to catch up some time. Rolly Dolly Shanklin!
Dude. I'm sorry I didn't make the show tonight. Just to do you one better: I plan on buying your "Serene Album" for my Mom's Birthday, congratulations on the new album and I'm very sorry I can't make it tonight, but I'm busy starting up my little online business ... and all my finances are shot. Any one who is reading this should buy JASON FARNHAM"S SERENE ALBUM - from what I've heard, it's downright excellent. And he has an awesome song called, "WINTER IN LA." So go to BUY right now and GET IT! DW
I'm listening to "Special Times" right now man. Phenomenal work. I love your instrumental music - and I look forward to the New CD. Talk to you soon bro. Have a great weekend. Deron Wade
Jason, Hey what can I say, but Thank You, for working on this Recording Project, with me. between You, and I we can make April's 1st Song sound so Sweet... thanks Again!!! Skipper Calhoun
was great to meet and hear your music @ the joint. will see you soon
Wow! Atter I listend yout music and saw pictures, I feel You look different!!
hiya i am your cousin I just reasecach our family tree and you are my cousin.relpy
Hi Jason--Love the CD! So does Linnea. It's an inspiration in her piano work. Sorry we won't be able to make it Sunday. Hope to see you perform soon! Blessings, Sue
Loved your show on Sunday @ the "Cat Club", it was the best Mother's Day ever!!! Love, MOM & JOHN
Nice web... I like your electronic music, we'll try to make the concert April 10th. See you, A.L.
Love the pic of u and Alisa on the Special Times CD! Wish we could have been there for your wedding day. Congrats on your successes!! Thank you for including us on your "goingings ons"...wish we could attend your shows. Hi to your lovely wife!! :) Happy Easter Love, Grant & Matt your #1 fans in Oxford, OH xoxo Ever thought of trying to get into the college campus gigs???
Congrats on the music success! (I gave up long ago!!) You sound great!!
Yo Jason Whats up? See you at the gig tomorrow night! Rock On!
Hey man, sounded really good on Monday. Great to hear the Jason Farnham Band. You have some awesome fans! Let's talk soon. DW
My wife and I just bought your "Special Times" CD Saturday night in Little Italy and enjoyed it. I listen to it while I work at the office. Keep up the great work and look forward to some of your new stuff!!
Jason, mi piace molto il tuo sito....e' bellissimo, sentiamo presto! Un caro saluto da Roma, Italia....T-
Hey! how R U? I MISS U!!! I wanna see U someday! Take care~
rock on , teach(er). :) ps. i love "Merida". it was beautifully played.
Hey buddy, just sending you some love. Hope you're doing well! Jason Farnnham Rocks! DW
Hi~ Jason Im Jayde~ I enjoyed your new Song So Cooooooooooooooooool I like it So,I hope I'll get to go to your next show Bye-Bye Jason (Im not a Crazy student kkkk)
Very hip new tunes! I am jammin' at work now! We got to get out to CA one these days to see ya in concert! Say hey to Lisa for me! You rock!
Hey, Jason. I'm impressed that you are such a great musician. I really want to go to your concert. Thank you for inviting me ! Take care~!
Nice design
you look sooooonice and gorgeous ! i hope to see your concert. I'm so happy that take your classes. see you tomorrow. (but i don't wanna go there.cuz take the exam tomorrow..)
Been enjoying hearing about your move to CA. Glad to hear you keep in touch with Canton. Didn't know you had a connection to the Stark Community Chorus where I found this link. That was a fun connection for me to make. Be well. Darlene
Jason, You taught my older son at the local Canton music store when your first CD was produced. You gave me a copy and I bought several more from you to give away. So glad to see your success with your music!
Dude, You went to Milan without me? That's one of my favorite shopping cities in Europe. Is that the Gallia Hotel? Glad to see you're motoring around the globe and doing so well. Thx for the heads-up on the interview gig. Peace, Bill Farkas
I love the colors you use, and the images are vivid and energetic. Great work, good site too. I'll be in touch!
Hi~~ Jason!! Thank you for teaching me in my conversation class! I will go to the other month but, I'm forget about you~ And I hope your concert is the best in Italy. Sincerly, See you again! P.S : Will you go to karaoke?? :-)
Dear Jason, We love your website. It is just wonderful. Thank you for the e-mail so we have the heads up. Best of luck in all you do and hope to see you soon. As Always, Barb P
Way to go Jason!!!! We're supporting you way over here in Michigan! :) You're definitely on your way to being rich and famous! :) :)
HI. Thank you for showing your homepage. It is very cool ! but im sorry.i can't use Computer longtime today. so...i will listen to your music tomorrow! i like music also.
hi~Jason~ Your song is good. hahaha~ I wants going to your public performance ,but I don't go there because That place is distant too much. I'm sorry~ I will come to be more familiar in small quantity in this place, that time I will search and I will go. Have a nice weekend~ see you monday~
Hi Jason the show was awesome! especially loved the electronic sounds you are so talented~ We all hope to get a chace to be invited your next show again chao !
Great meeting you tonight...good stuff
give us a call !!!!!!! we miss you 330-455-3203 i want to blow more bubbles ley us know how you're doing Tami & BJ
Rockin' show at the Key Club on Saturday! Can't wait for the next show!
Keep it going, thanks. I found exactly the information.
Hi.. I really enjoy your songs. Especially, the song, Winter in L.A., makes me refresh !! I feel like I enjoy the cool air and brilliant sunshine on the balcony. Keep going~~~~
I want to listen and see a concert in which jason perform a musical instrument . but i had a bad condition , i did not go there . next time , if i have a chance to listen i would go there by-by
Jason, I'm not sure if you remember me. I was one of your piano students. You have been an inspriation for me. I love playing the piano and I cherish and remember everything you have taught me. I still play your piano daily. I hope you are doing well and I want to wish you luck with everything.
Hi, I heard you perform in California and bought your piano CD. I absolutely love every song on it, especially "European Countryside". You are very talented, and I look forward to hearing more from you!! Much success!
We were recently in L.A. and caught your performance at the MINT; you were fantastic and we enjoyed the whole show. Loved all of your original songs from your CD, we wish you much success in your music career!!!
I always knew you were a star; it's great to see you living your dream!
Jason,you were amazing last night.Clearly, I 'm impressed.Keep going!
Jason estoy muy contento que estes obteniendo el exito que te mereces por tu musica , muchas fekicidades y esperoestar alguna vez en tus presentaciones. Felicidades
Two thumbs up !!! Excellent website I didn´t know you are such a great musician Keep doing the good job
Hi, Jason! I'm just back from Canada. ^^ How are you doing? I am listen to your piano album every night. ^^ Very nice~ Jason. Cheers!! and Good luck! ^^
Very nice music and your voice is amazing. I see you hooked up with songwriter Bill Farkas out here in San Diego. That's a really good move. Good luck on your move. You're going to love it and be very successful!
Heard your song on the Weekly Rant this week a couple times. You have a really good voice and I like your style. So you're going to LA to swim with the sharks in the ocean, huh? Good luck to you. I'm sure you'll do well.
I wish you the best in LA! Remember me when you become a star!
Congratulations Jason, I hope you get everything you wish for.
Hey Jason, Definitely send me any info about your shows we would love to hang out. We should have a game night sometime. E-mail me and let me know if you guys would like too. We could try and have Josh and Monica over too. Christina
Love your music! So honored to get to be one of the first to hear your new CD. Your very talented. Vicki
Jason, you were so great at the Hi Fi Club, I really enjoyed the show! I look forward to hearing more from you.
Thoroughly enjoyed your performance last night at the Hi Fi Club. You are a very talented artist with a very bright future.
My friends and I saw you perform last night at the Hi Fi Club in Lakewood, and we were just blown away by your talent. We loved all the songs, especially "New Flame" from your new CD. You are so talented with all of your arrangements, mixes, and many instruments that you can play, and the best part is that all of your music is original. You have such a unique sound, we are sure you will go far!!! The very best to you, see you at the next show!!
Jason, Heard you at 2nd April Gallery and you were wonderful! Love your music! Looking forward to your next performance.
Jason, I heard you play at Muggswigz and you are the greatest! Good luck in all your future endeavors.
Jason ~ You have come a long way... Keep it up! Outstanding!
A NEW FLAME, a Song that will keep you Bumping to the Music, all Night long. this Song is out of this World. check out this Song. you will never regret doing so... I know I have'nt!!! I will put this Song in my repatra of Music that I spin when I am DJing... I'm outta of here!!! PEACE OUT MY BROTHERS!!!! DJ Skipper C.
Jason, I have heard your Pop show Music. I thought it was totally out of this World... I want you to perform for Calhoun Entertainment sometime in the near Future. I think with your Talent, and Creativity, and the Music that you share with People, from the bottom of your Heart, I think it would be a one Night only kind of show, that everyone would always remember, and never forget. and would never regret on coming and seeing you perform your Pop Show... May God be with you in all you do, and bless your Footsteps everyday through out the Journey that we all call Life!!! your Friend, John " Skipper " Calhoun
Caught your performance at the Lime Spider last week, the music was absolutely incredible; you are so very talented!!
I was wondering if possible you could perform at a special party I am putting together for my brother in July. There will be a few Dj's there and I am trying to get a famous artists as well?
Hi Jason, It's Josh's mom and sis just stockin g you on the web :-). Your music sounds really great!! Mom wants to buy your CD for her spa. We miss you!!
Hi Jason, Just had dinner with your mother in law tonight. She told me about your web site so I am just checking you out. I'd love to hear your music. Jamie V.
I just caught your performance at Second April Gallery in Canton, the music was great!! I enjoyed listening to your live performance of songs from the "Special Times" CD. I'm looking forward to hearing you play again at the Banyan Tree Art Gallery this Friday for the Tremont Art Walk. See you there!
Loved your performance on the 14th at Muggswigz Coffee & Tea Co. It was awesome!! I liked the variety in music, especially the vocals. Looking forward to seeing you perform again at Second April Gallery on March 3rd!
Caught your interview on TV! Nice web site. I'll check out your music next and see you at Muggwigz in January.
Jason, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You rock and your 'Special Times' CD is awesome. I will buy it. When are you and Lisa coming to Rome? We will have! Ciao and stay in touch --- Thanos
Great website!! Looking forward to having you on my show, STATE OF THE ARTS! Lois
We absolutely love your new piano CD, "Special Times," the songs are so beautiful, we listen to them over and over again!! We will look forward to seeing you perform live again!
I like it man, cool site! And I'm not just saying that because you married my sister! Hahaha. I crack me up. Later!
En la actualidad podemos disfrutar diferentes géneros musicales; músicos que nacieron para combinar notas que, al escucharlas, vivimos experiencias en mundos exquisitos. Jasson logra permear los rincones de la alegría, la paz y el amor.
Where can I buy the cd? This is amazing!!! I didn't know you were an artist !!!! I'm so proud to have a friend so talented !! CONGRATULATIONS, I LOVED THE SITE !! Say hi to Lisa for me, bye.
Wow! I just listened to several of your songs available on your website! You are wonderful! Do you have a manager? I was really impressed. Please let us know when you are featured next in Canton and good luck!
So when are you going to come play Tokyo? Beer's on me!
this is really cool! i love it, and can't wait to see you play again.
Jason's music is something else! It's so witty. Everyone should try listening to it!
something witty
Jason is my favorite artist ever! This music is really incredible, I keep it on repeat constantly! Please come play Tampa! We need you down here!
Can't wait for your album to be released, I've seen you perform and love your music!! Add me to your e-mail schedule of events, thanks!